Salman would love to do Romantic Films then Action Films

romantic film picture

Prem Bhai is always prem bhai.No Matter how many action films he has done and doing.Salman Always loves to do Romantic Film.The Dabangg Khan wants to remain as Prem Bhai.

In a recent Interview Salman expressed His fondness towards romantic films:-

He Said im not that old to play a lover boy role yes i can play such role even Now.

He Thinks ” if you can do action films then at the same time you can do Romantic films but if you cant do action films then you cant do romantic  films.”

According to Katrina Kaif

”Salman is now much calmer now with his age.In his earlier life his (Salman’s) energy level was high but now he is more understandable person.”

Salman also added that he will be doing a romantic film of  Sooraj Bharjatya’s .Salman does not like to do action more as it needs so many hard work and needs to shoot under  sun,in water etc what salman does not like much.

But not to forget that Salman Khan’s fans like to watch him doing lots of action film where he does some great stunts.So it seems Salman wants to mix it up with Action and Romantic films.Way to Go Sallu….

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