Salman Khan Spotted with Kids at a Hospital in Mumbai

salman khan with kids in mumbai hospital-pic-1

Few Days Ago Bollywood Megastar Salman Khan Said that He Wishes to Have a Girl Child when He Becomes father. The Man With Golden Heart Salman enjoys His Moment Whenever He Gets Time to Spend with Children. The Khan again got another Day Today as He was at a Hospital at the anniversary of a specialty facility.

Along with Congress leader Baba Siddiqui , Salman Khan went all out to lend his might to the Holy Family hospital. While there, Salman interacted with a few children and even spoke at length about the facility, which has been specially started for the underprivileged.

In Light Blue Being Human T Shirt and Jeans Salman was Looking as young and fresh as ever. The Khan though passing very busy time with Shooting of Jai Ho and Bigg Boss 7,Gets Some Time to Interact with Children. We Bring Some Pictures From The Event, Have a Look Below :-

Picture:- 1

salman khan with kids in mumbai hospital-pic-9

Picture :-2

salman khan with kids in mumbai hospital-pic-2

Picture :- 3

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Picture :- 4

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Picture :- 5

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