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‘Bombay’s Most Wanted’ Film Actor Chandan Roy is a Salman’s Fan

chandan roy sanyal and salman khan

‘Bombay’s Most Wanted’ Film Actor Chandan Roy is a Salman Khan’s Fan !!!

Salman Khan has the Biggest Fan Following around the world and The list is also big when it comes to the bollywood actor and actress ,Salman Also has many fans in bollywood.Now Another Name to be added and that is the actor of  ‘Bombay’s Most Wanted’  movie Chandan Roy Sanyal.

The Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal admitted that he is  a huge fan of Salman Khan.Chandan is not only Salman’s Fan but also he has done some replicating of  Salman Khan’s look in his up coming film ‘Bombay’s Most Wanted’ like Tere Naam and others.

While talking about the replicate of Khan’s look Chandan said that :-

“Salman is a superstar and to replicate him on screen is close to impossible. He has an uncountable fan following around the world  and I am undoubtedly one of them, so to be replicating him is a compliment as I don’t think I or anybody can really compete with him in anyway whatsoever.”

Well The list of Salman Khan’s Fan is increasing day by Day even among the Bollywood actor or actress.Salman Khan Jalwa

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